Regrann from @revolution_in_mind

@Regrann from @revolution_in_mind – don’t let them fool you with the bullshit to set goals live for your work and your hobby don’t give shit about other people just you and your familie this is str8 bullshit we are born to change the world to live in peace to spend time with our families with your friends with your children maybe your dog or your cat don’t live a lie. enjoy your time on earth discovering places life is short and money can’t save your soul try to be good to everybody and you will see the change you can be the change take a good look in the mirror!! take the evil out the people they be acting wright there is no black and white smoking weed tonight 😇😤✌ #life #goals #empathy #circleoflife #brainwash #peaceandlove #worldpeace #fuckwork #fuckschool #education #onyourown #killuminati #dontletthemfoolyou #yourlifeaintshit #lifeisshory #enjoy #beyourself #benice #bethechange #tupac #michaeljackson #liberty #freedom #turnnotificationon –

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