@jumpingjacksjules on #IG (#Obsessed vs # Balanced) #MODeration is #Key 😋🍕🏖

@Regrann from @jumpingjacksjules – The girl on the left was constantly thinking about calories, exercise, and perpetually struggled with her weight, thinking she was fat after gaining muscle. The girl on the right, a year later, has made peace with herself. She still loves working out and eating healthy but it doesn’t |d e f i n e| her. Being •healthy• is NOT just physical, it’s mental as well. What are you telling yourself? That you will only be beautiful and worthy once you hit a certain number of pounds on a scale? Or that you are smart, kind, worthy, a good friend and daughter, who is working on being the healthiest version of herself? Ask yourself •w h y• you are going to the gym everyday. Is it out of “obligation” or because you really want to be there? Learning balance is not easy. But it’s worth your mental and physical health❤️ – https://www.instagram.com/p/BWaFOMXhAwX/

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