#RT @pcosgurl #PCOS Awareness 🌐 

@Regrann from @pcosgurl – YAY Its here!!!! Registration is now open for PCOS Awareness Weekend and The Bolt for #PCOS 5K Septembee 16-17, 2017

Shelby @pcos_support_girl and I have joined together to create one super team #pcossupportgurls cause we believe its all in the family and we are stronger when we are together…
one voice, one step, one stride closer to ending the silence about PCOS!

PCOS affects 1 in 10 women and less then half are undiagnosed which means millions of women are walking around unsupported with a syndrome that can lead to complications such as #infertility, #diabetes, cardiovascular disease, endometrial cancer and #stroke
Although it is a common syndrome,
It is one of the most underserved and underfunded health concerns affecting Women’s Health today…. When you join our team as a runner, supporter or donor, you are committing to ending the silence about PCOS and joining in a helluva fight for a good cause… you will help raise funds to continue PCOS Education, Awareness, Support and Advocacy with the leading National PCOS Organization PCOS Challenge @pcoschallenge
You can choose to run in Atlanta with our team on September 17 and join in with hundreds of #cysters, runners, moms, dads, kids, coworkers, doctors, coaches and more joined in a day of fun and solidarity for PCOS

You can run/ walk virtually from ANYWHERE in the world on a treadmill with your gym, taking a city stroll by yourself, starting a team of cysters in your area for a jog, having a corporate fin day event with your coworkers or simply walking in a park with family and friends!

To add in the fun you can even live stream your walks with the Atlanta Teams on September 17 to raise awareness!!! Anyway you do it just do it!!!!! If youre interested in registering gor our team or donating to support our team please register using following link…. IM RUNNING / SUPPORTING




Who RUNS the world….. GIRLS !!!!! – https://www.instagram.com/p/BXBOCR3Dy_n/

Regrann App – Repost without leaving Instagram – Download Here : http://regrann.com/download


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